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Part 2 – The Cons
This post should be read in conjunction with my previous post, which was about the pros of sex doll ownership. I should also stress at the outset that I think the pros massively outweigh the cons, but cons there are and you should be aware of them, for the sake of balance at least.

To me the biggest con can be summed up in one word: fingers. It astonishes me that the manufacturers are still producing such substandard fingers when all other aspects of a doll are of such high quality. The issue is that, despite my best efforts, it seems impossible to avoid them breaking. I think that the only way to avoid this is by being super-careful all the time but this would also lessen my enjoyment of her. I realise that it only seems like a small thing but there’s no doubt that it breaks the spell when you have to be constantly mindful of her fingers. I’m currently in the process of removing the wires completely, as this is now the “least bad” option. Some may say, why don’t I try to repair them? Well I may at some stage, but I’m not practically minded in that way so am reluctant to do this.

The sooner the manufacturers improve the fingers the better, and I for one would be the first in line to upgrade my current doll were this to happen. One wonders, why hasn’t anyone thought of producing a screw-on hand? That way, when the fingers break we could at least pay for a replacement hand. I am sure people would be prepared to pay the additional cost involved.

Moving on to weight. This is both a pro and a con but for the purposes of this post I will focus on the con. These dolls are heavy. They are not impossible to lift but you do need to be prepared for the effort required to lift them. As an example, I sprained a toe when in the process of lifting my previous doll. If you’ve got a bad back then you’ll have no choice but to get one of the lightest dolls. And of course they are not easy to hide away quickly. If you’ve got sudden visitors and they don’t know about your doll, what would you do? You need to have a plan of action in advance in terms of how you would carry her and where you would put her. Unless you’re quite comfortable with them knowing of course.

Other people’s reactions are an undoubted con. Sadly we still live in a society in which doll ownership is seen as weird by the majority. To me now it seems like the most normal thing but it’s a sad state of affairs that I don’t feel I can tell even the closest members of my family. So if you are about to buy a sex doll you will need to think about this.

Whilst these dolls are quite life-like there are some notable differences. Since most dolls don’t have their own internal heating system they can be quite cold to the touch, especially in cold weather. However I find this is something I’ve noticed less and less when interacting with my doll. This could be because I am so used to her or it could be because my own body heat transfers to her eventually. But they don’t retain heat for long and you may want to keep her covered as much as possible so as to retain her warmth.

The material itself becomes less smooth over time and gradually feels increasingly “sticky” as you rub your fingers along it. This is because there is a certain amount of oil inside the doll which comes to the surface (I am speaking of TPE dolls here, I have no experience of silicone dolls). This is remedied by regularly rubbing her down with talcum powder or corn flour.

Regular cleaning is also required to maintain these dolls. This may also be seen as a pro by some people but I personally don’t enjoy the cleaning and see it as more of a chore.

Whilst these dolls can be put in most of the positions that humans can be put in, the joints become loose over time through natural wear and tear. This means the number of poses she can hold will lessen over time. It also means that it become more tricky to try and stand her if she had a loose knee-joint, for example.

I find the wigs to be a source of annoyance. They have a tendency to slip off. This despite my best efforts to tighten the wig using the catches at the back. The problem is that wigs are designed for women who still have a certain amount of hair. Where-as doll are bald! Perpetual re-adjustment of wigs seem to come with the territory of doll ownership. Longer hair becomes tangled very easily and you would be wise to buy a strong brush to detangle the knots. And of course wigs also have to be washed.

The nature of the internal skeleton of these dolls is such that there is a limit to how tall they can be. As far as I am aware the limit is about 5ft 7 so if you have a particular liking for taller women then you are going to find it harder for your needs to be satisfied.

At the other end of the scale, you may like particularly short women but the limit here would be a height of about 4ft 11. This is because the UK customs are clamping down on very short dolls as they stray into the territory of what could be illegal goods. Basically, the more “girl-like” they appear the more risky it would be to order them and there is a chance of being arrested if you import them without using a reputable vendor..

Now you’ve read this, I recommend you read Part 1 which covers the Pros of doll ownership!


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