Venlentine – 155cm D Cup YL Sex Doll



Brand: YL (YourDoll)

Availability: 7 – 21 Days Delivered

Delivery Cost: Free

Venlentine is a beautiful, slim and super sexy doll that you will be desperate to get home and even more excited to get into bed.

At 155cm tall, this girl is small but perfectly formed. The D-cup breasts are the perfect shape with erect nipple that are natural feeling and designed for your lips. Her breasts are rounded and soft and you won’t be able to stop playing with them.

She will come to you in one of her favourite outfits and you can dress her up any way you want as she will fit into almost anything. She is slim and young looking with slim legs, but enough softness to make her feel fabulous.

The metal skeleton and TPE construction mean that Venlentine will last as long as you need her and she will put up with some punishment – but always treat her with respect!

You can have this doll customised to meet your every fantasy and we are excited to offer her with your choice of hair colour and other options. She really will be the girl of your dreams.

You can view images of this doll after she has been built by clicking here.

Doll Specifications

Bust Size (cm): 84cmWaist (cm): 55cmMouth Depth (cm): 12cm
Under Bust (cm): 65cmHip (cm): 90cmVagina Depth (cm):17cm
Weight (kg): 31kgFoot Length (cm): 20cmAnus Depth (cm):17cm

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