Paityn – 160cm Silicone Z One Sex Doll



Brand: Z One Doll

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Paityn is the all-American girl gone bad…

Paityn’s talents know no end, and she’s got plenty of tricks up her sleeve to keep you entertained for days – let alone one hot and steamy night. She’s the girl that everyone dreams to take to bed, and now is your chance.

Our Silicone Z Sex One doll is dainty at 160cm, but that doesn’t mean she’s not ready for a night of action. All of our silicone sex dolls have a strong metal skeleton, so Paityn can handle even the most imaginative of sex positions. She’ll give you all she has got, and more.

You can use her juicy and irresistible mouth, as well as her tight vagina and anus for an experience like no other. Her curves spill out of her underwear and her breasts are realistic and ready for a taste. You can customise the lifelike adult doll even further: hair, eye, nails, pubic hair, skin tone and more chan be changed. She’ll even turn up at your door with an outfit designed to make you go wild.

Doll Specifications

Bust Size (cm): 90cmWaist (cm): 63cmMouth Depth (cm): 12cm
Under Bust (cm): 70cmHip (cm): 88cmVagina Depth (cm):17cm
Weight (kg): 33kgFoot Length (cm): 20cmAnus Depth (cm):17cm

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