Carleanne – 160cm K Cup YL Sex Doll



Brand: YL (YourDoll)

Availability: 7 – 21 Days Delivered

Delivery Cost: Free

Carleanne is a little pocket rocket, who will give you everything you need and loads more besides… if you decide to take her home, that is.

It has to be the K-cup breasts that set Carleanne apart from the rest. Her breasts are full and heavy and designed for plenty of caressing. On her tiny 160cm frame, her breasts are truly something to behold (and hold!).

And then we move to her curvy hips and thighs that any woman would be proud to have. Soft and smooth and designed for you to hold on to. With easy to move arms and legs, you can enjoy those curves from any angle.

As with all of our dolls. Carleanne can be made to look exactly how you like her. Just take the natural body shape and customise to fit your idea of perfect. Of course, Carleanne is perfect as she is, but there’s nothing wrong with improvement!

Carleanne may be small, but she’s big in all the right places and those boobs have to be the best in the business! We bet you can’t wait to take her on to your knee and bury your face right in them!

You can see images of this doll when built by clicking here. 

Doll Specifications

Bust Size (cm): 98cmWaist (cm): 58cmMouth Depth (cm): 12cm
Under Bust (cm): 57cmHip (cm): 103cmVagina Depth (cm):17cm
Weight (kg): 39.5kgFoot Length (cm): 20cmAnus Depth (cm):17cm

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