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Disclaimer *** these views are my own and do not necessarily represent those view of the company***

This evening, Monday 17th June, our screens were graced with another documentary on the world of sex dolls and the sex doll business.

Silicone Sex World were approached in November 2018 to appear on the programme. After long discussions with the production team, mainly on the content of the programme, we decided it was in our best interest to decline. This was mainly down to the spin that was going to be put on the dolls as well as the graphic nature of the show.

One of the glaring points that stand out from the show was the omission of those who use the dolls for everything other than sex. Of course, a large amount of those who buy sex dolls buy them for that exact reason, for sex, however speaking to customers every day of the week I am in position to tell you that they only represent half of those we speak to. The other half of customers use them for everything other than sex.

The tone of the programme was set very early on, with very graphic videos of doll owners having sex with the products – something which I am sure would have shocked many of those watching the programme. At one stage it actually became amusing rather than informative (surely something a documentary should aim to be).

Another point which stood out were the businesses that were involved in the programme who were coined as being industry experts. I am not saying that those companies are not legitimate, I cannot confirm nor deny that, however I will say that having been involved in the doll owners forums for numerous years, I have never heard of them and know they do not represent the customers who use the dolls for other purposes. Silicone Sex World is certainly not the voice for those people, however it will be very clear to anyone who owns or has any background with dolls, that this was missed out of the programme. Perhaps to keep ratings up?

Although the programme did highlight the dolls can be used for sex, which is glaringly obvious given the product name, it failed to shed any real light on those who are using and caring for dolls on a daily basis without the sexual element. They did touch on it at one point in a fleeting comment however that was as far as the courtesy was extended.

One thing which I think does need pointing out is the ignorance of the doll business owner who stated that “men have very simple needs” implying that all we require is sex and that we are not wanting of anything other than that.  If a male were on the show making comparable assumptions on women, I am not so sure it would have made the final cut.

My overall opinion on the programme? Was it entertaining? Absolutely. Shockingly entertaining at times, although it was far from accurate as to what actually goes on in the sex doll industry. A day in an office with a sex doll vendor would show the conversations you have with customers with many more needs than sex. It is a shame, as almost almost all of the programmes to date to cover sex dolls have failed to highlight this although as I touched on before, I cannot see this changing any time soon as that will not fetch the same ratings.

If you would like to leave your comments below on the programme feel free.


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