Silicone Sex World Finance Is Coming

Silicone Sex World Finance Is Coming

We’re very excited about this one – you will soon be able to purchase your dolls on finance, through Silicone Sex World.

After some careful consideration and spending time speaking to many industry finance experts, we are in the final stages of being able to of setting up our finance facility.

How will this work?

We are still putting the final touches to our process, however we will be offering finance through a carefully selected partner who will be able to help you secure credit in order to pay for your doll over numerous months, dependant on the length you choose. The application process will be discussed more on our website once it has been finalised, however you will essentially go to our partner page on the finance providers website, apply for finance – once accepted, your money will arrive in your bank and you can then complete your purchase on our website.

What are the rates?

The rates will start from as low as 4% – this is of course dependant on your situation and credit history.

Is finance a good idea on a sex doll?

We certainly think so. A huge percentage of online retailers now offer finance to customers who simply do not want to folk out a large some immediately and would prefer to pay in instalments. Although the finance is through a finance provider, we would always strong recommend against any customer taking out finance should they not be 100% certain this is something they are a) comfortable doing b) in a strong financial position.

When is the finance starting?

We hope to have finance available on the website within the next week or so – if you are signed up to our newsletter, we will let you know then. We will be making further announcements on our social media channels and website.


Brand Review JY Doll Sex Dolls

Brand Review JY Doll Sex Dolls

In this blog, we’re giving you all the ins and outs of one of the best-known manufacturers of sex dolls; JY Doll. As sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe it’s created a surge, with sex doll manufactures popping up all over the place. Unfortunately, this has caused a rift in the industry, with all sorts of ‘discounted dolls’ being sold to people who have had very disappointing end results. JY Doll, on the other hand, was one of the first manufacturers of modern sex dolls and have proven to be very reliable through the years, offering innovative, high-quality sex dolls. We are one of the few trusted suppliers of JY Doll.

JY Doll is based in Dongguan City in the Guangdong Province of China and specialises in TPE sex dolls. They manufacture many of the full-size sex dolls available on our site, but also offer an extensive range of realistic sex doll heads and accessories. Over the years, they’ve optimised TPE manufacturing techniques to create a super realistic, smooth, skin-soft feeling. The dolls are also valued for their elasticity which helps maintain their durability.

As an added bonus, they only manufacture using National Health & Safety compliant materials which are environmentally friendly and entirely harmless to humans. This may sound like a fundamental requirement, after all, you don’t want to end up with a rash (or worse!) after a session with your doll, but believe it or not, this can happen when you buy a cheaply imported doll.

JY Doll has been exporting sex dolls for over 10 years, and have an outstanding track record of quality. JY Doll heads are compatible with all of the dolls we sell, which gives you tons of options when it comes to customising your sex doll. If you want to try something different, you can just buy a new head which is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new doll. It’s worth knowing however that skin tone can vary slightly between manufacturers.

As an official retailer, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your sex doll. There are also no import fees when buying though Silicone Sex World. You can also choose your own discreet delivery date as everything we sell is delivered from our UK warehouse.

How JY Doll’s stack up to the competition

In reality, there is a little difference in quality between JY dolls and WM Dolls (read our WM sex doll review here – WM being slightly more refined in our opinion). This is a very hot topic in the sex doll forums as both manufacturers specialise in TPE only and both offer plenty of choice. The TPE formula does differ slightly between manufacturers, so the feel and colours vary. This isn’t really a concern when you consider just how different we are, it’s really up to you what you like and dislike.

There are examples online of people complaining about a strong smell of the TPE with a brand new JY doll which is something we have experienced. However, this scent fades quickly when the doll is left in a ventilated room, often in our warehouse. A really strong smell can be a sign that the doll isn’t genuine, which can occur when importing from an unknown site, or a marketplace like Alibaba. If you’re considering buying a sex doll, out 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures this won’t happen to you as we buy directly from the source.

JY Doll – the hands-on conclusion

To sum everything up, JY Doll is one of the most reputable and established manufacturers of high-quality TPE sex dolls. Creating dolls for over 10 years; their manufacturing techniques have been refined to an art, enabling them to produce real feeling, skin soft sex dolls.

As with any big purchase, it always pays to make sure your buying from a legitimate supplier, so you know you’re not buying a shoddy knock-off. If you’re buying a new doll, they can be tough to pose initially, but limber up the more you use them – they literally warm up to you. For total peace of mind, we examine every doll we distribute and provide a free wig, a sexy outfit and a USB vagina warmer.

Check out of range of JY Doll Heads and be spoilt for choice, whatever you’re into.

Is sex with a sex doll cheating?

As sex dolls become more popular in the UK, people are starting to ask the question; is sex with a sex doll cheating?

In the courtroom

In a court of law, having sex with a sex doll does not constitute as adultery. After all, no matter how real they look, they’re not human. If you’d like the legal opinion, MD and solicitor at Decoded Legal has gone on record to say that:

“Having sex with a robot does not constitute adultery. Adultery is only conducted between a respondent and a person of the opposite sex.’

Of course, the definition of cheating varies from person to person; is a peck on the lips cheating? Is a snog? Or does it have to be full-on sex? As these surveys reveal, for some people, performing these actions on a doll is seen as just as much of a betrayal than if they were done with another human.

Who would have sex with a sex doll?

A survey carried by the Daily Mail revealed that more than a third of people in the UK would consider having sex with a sex doll. Of everyone surveyed, 39% think that we’ll be having relationships with robots by 2050. Professor Noel Sharkey of Sheffield University stated:

“Robots will increasingly join sex dolls in the porn industry in the coming years.”

It’s unclear how advanced people think these robots will be, and if innovations like artificial intelligence will play a part. Either way, the sex doll industry is undeniably growing as people become more open to the idea of owning one.

Would you be horrified if you found out your partner had intercourse with a sex doll?

If you answered yes, then you’re part of the 40% of people that think sex with a robot isn’t cheating; according to the website That leaves 60% who think it does constitute as cheating.

On the against side of the argument, people believe that their partners use of a sex doll, takes away from the attention and love that they would otherwise receive. And for those that don’t believe it’s cheating, they see the doll as nothing more than an inanimate sex toy. After all, where do you draw the line? Is using a Fleshlight cheating or is it only when that toy becomes human-like?

The study, which surveyed 800 people, also asked whether the use of a sex doll would stop them from cheating. Only 5% said that sleeping with a sex doll would stop them from cheating on their partner with 15% unsure. This just goes to show that a sex doll is rarely the problem when it comes to breakups and is not a substitute for a broken relationship.

Our verdict: it’s up to you

So now the results are in, what’s your opinion? The key takeaway is that everyone should expect the use of sex dolls and even robots to rise in the next 10 to 50 years. What’s really important is that if you’re in a relationship, both people should be comfortable with whatever goes on in the bedroom. If you and your partner are curious and enjoy a bit of experimenting, there’s no harm done. A sex doll can do wonders for a relationship and sometimes has bonuses over threesomes which can cause rifts in friendship and awkwardness – so go for it!

Brand Review – WM Doll Sex Dolls

Brand Review – WM Doll Sex Dolls

At Silicone Sex World, we’re not prejudiced when it comes to sex dolls and stock one of the largest varieties of sex dolls in the UK. We’ve scoured the net to give you the most honest review of WM Doll, the benefits and the drawbacks.

WM Dolls is a high-end supplier of TPE sex dolls based in China where they manufacture their full range of realistic sex dolls. As well as manufacturing dolls, they are committed to the research and development of the industry and have helped shape it for all doll owners around the world. They own many parents such as the simulation soft elastomer model, which is exclusive to them.

WM Doll deal exclusively in TPE sex dolls, a material they use for its environmentally friendly properties as well as its realism. TPE is smooth and delicate, just like skin, and has an elastic, human-like feeling.

What the internet says about WM Doll – online reviews

WM Dolls are highly regarded in the sex doll forums where many of the models have been tested and reviewed. They are an established company and have been refining their process for many years which means they’re trustworthy.

Check out all WM reviews on, a third-party blog dedicated to sex dolls and their owners.

The blog Sex Doll Mag, gives WM Dolls a score of 88 out of 100, awarding them five stars on realism, skeleton, skin and price. Fans state that WM dolls are more affordable than other brands. This is because they manufacture dolls on a large scale and only use TPE. While other brands such as Realdoll are arguably more realistic, you can pay an extra four or five thousand pounds for the privilege. Sex Doll Mag recommend that you buy from a reseller such as Silicone Sex World, as WM’s customer service is limited with them being based in China. Plus, the import charges are also high when buying directly.

WM Doll – brand summary

To summarise, WM Doll’s products are reliable, resilient and ultra realistic. The criticisms are that the dolls can be very stiff and the taller models can be quite heavy. Generally, new dolls are less flexible but the joints limber up more as they are positioned and when it’s warmer. Some users complain that the dolls can be cold to the touch, especially if they’ve just arrived by courier, by this is quite standard and is the reason why we supply USB vagina warmers with every doll. Some users have received dolls with slight creases caused from the weight of the doll in transport, but these often fade with time.

For extra peace of mind, here at Silicone Sex World we examine every doll that comes our way, to make sure there is no damage or major creases – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Check out the full range of WM Dolls here.

How Real Have Sex Dolls Become and What’s to Come

How Real Have Sex Dolls Become and What’s to Come

After the recent Channel 4 documentary – The Sex Robots are Coming – we’ve had a lot of questions about how far sex dolls have come in the last few years and what they’re going to be like in the future and it’s incredible how far they’ve progressed in the last couple of years alone.

The first sex dolls were actually invented in the seventeenth century by Dutch sailors as masturbatory aids – it get’s lonely out at sea and what better way to pass the time right? They were made of sewn cloth and old clothes and were even sold off to the Japanese who still refer to modern day Sex Dolls as ‘Dutch Wives’.

Modern Day Realism

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way from using cloth since the introduction of silicone, TPE and other plastics that simulate the look and feel of real skin. We’ve also developed new techniques and technology when manufacturing sex dolls to point where sex dolls truly look, feel and sound just like the real thing.

The most critical part to get right in a sex doll is the vagina, and although sex dolls are used by many for way more than just sex, the vagina is a pretty big deal. It might surprise you that the vagina’s in sex dolls are now anatomically correct, and are moulded from real life vaginas. It’s this attention to detail that makes making love to a doll, as authentic as the real thing. The same is true for the anus, which has a unique feel in itself. What’s even better is that if you choose a doll with a removable vagina, you can you can try out all sorts of inserts.

Just check out the different options available for our custom 153cm WM Dolls. You can choose everything from the colour of the Labia to the pubic hair and everything in between.

Another important factor when buying a sex doll is the durability. Only a few years ago, sex dolls would be made of solid silicone or TPE which meant you were limited to the positions they could be put in. These dolls are still available online but all the dolls we supply come with an internal metal skeleton which means they can be posed and will last much longer.

Sex Dolls in the Near Future

There’s a lot of exciting things to come for the sex doll even when you don’t consider the use of AI in sexbots. Insertable vaginas are being developed which are self-lubricating and even self-heating, meaning you wouldn’t have to use an insertable vagina warmer. There’s also new vagina prototypes – as futuristic as that sounds – that can constrict during orgasm to add to the realism. If you wanted to complicate the matter further, sex doll G-spots are in the works which you can stimulate to make your doll climax.

The beauty is, once you have the body, most of these future technologies, or upgrades, will be compatible with existing dolls and available right here, who knows what else the future will bring for the booming sex doll market.

Play around with the filters and see just how many options are available by building your own sex doll.

Will a Sex Doll Replace your Partner? The Sex Robots are Coming

Will a Sex Doll Replace your Partner? The Sex Robots are Coming

We’re already seeing machines replacing humans, whether that’s at the self-scan till at the supermarket or the driverless lorries planned for next year, but the hot topic is, how long will it be before a sex doll takes over the job of your partner?

Channel 4 is attempting to answer this very question with a documentary named The Sex Robots are Coming. The one-off special airs on Thursday the 30th of November at 10 pm and follows a company over two years as they attempt to create a fully functional sex robot. Watch the trailer below, and you’ll see they’re not far off when it comes to realism.

Realistic Sex Dolls Vs AI Sex Robots

But can a sex doll really replace the real thing? Well… it depends on what it is you want. If you wish to simulate the realistic feeling of sex with your ideal version of a woman, a quality TPE or Silicone sex doll will suit you perfectly. You can even build your own sex doll and create the perfect woman – from skin and hair colour to breast size and body type. But perhaps you’re after the ‘girlfriend experience’ and are after a sex doll like Samantha, who almost broke the internet when she appeared on This Morning claiming she “can take many times, much more love, just because you can give it, and I take it all.”

If you ask us, AI in sex dolls is a long way off. Samantha is quite impressive considering how new she is. She has sensors in different parts of the body and reacts depending on where you touch her. If you want to go all the way, you effectively have to seduce her first by talking to her, kissing her and caressing her skin before she’ll let you near the good stuff. At present though, the whole thing seems stiff (pardon the pun), the moans and voice are awkward, and the entire thing seems like a game – a long way off from the likes of Gemma Chan from Humans. In some ways, this takes away from the realism rather than adding to it, and with a 3k price tag, it doesn’t seem worth it.

This isn’t to say that future models won’t get better, but even if sex robots get to an Ex Machina lifelikeness, there’s always going to be a place for TPE and Silicone sex dolls for those of us who just want something to look and feel like the real thing. There’s also a messy ethics debate to consider if AI reaches a certain level and the crowds take to streets to campaign for sex doll rights.

To summarise, if the Sexbot is the long-term girlfriend you’re committed to, then the silicone sex doll is the wild fuck-buddy who’ll let you do anything you fancy. They’re more affordable too, super realistic and available in so many types it’ll blow your mind (and whatever else you want blown). Check them out and make your mind up… will a sex doll replace the real thing