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At Silicone Sex World, we’re not prejudiced when it comes to sex dolls and stock one of the largest varieties of sex dolls in the UK. We’ve scoured the net to give you the most honest review of WM Doll, the benefits and the drawbacks.

WM Dolls is a high-end supplier of TPE sex dolls based in China where they manufacture their full range of realistic sex dolls. As well as manufacturing dolls, they are committed to the research and development of the industry and have helped shape it for all doll owners around the world. They own many parents such as the simulation soft elastomer model, which is exclusive to them.

WM Doll deal exclusively in TPE sex dolls, a material they use for its environmentally friendly properties as well as its realism. TPE is smooth and delicate, just like skin, and has an elastic, human-like feeling.

What the internet says about WM Doll – online reviews

WM Dolls are highly regarded in the sex doll forums where many of the models have been tested and reviewed. They are an established company and have been refining their process for many years which means they’re trustworthy.

Check out all WM reviews on, a third-party blog dedicated to sex dolls and their owners.

The blog Sex Doll Mag, gives WM Dolls a score of 88 out of 100, awarding them five stars on realism, skeleton, skin and price. Fans state that WM dolls are more affordable than other brands. This is because they manufacture dolls on a large scale and only use TPE. While other brands such as Realdoll are arguably more realistic, you can pay an extra four or five thousand pounds for the privilege. Sex Doll Mag recommend that you buy from a reseller such as Silicone Sex World, as WM’s customer service is limited with them being based in China. Plus, the import charges are also high when buying directly.

WM Doll – brand summary

To summarise, WM Doll’s products are reliable, resilient and ultra realistic. The criticisms are that the dolls can be very stiff and the taller models can be quite heavy. Generally, new dolls are less flexible but the joints limber up more as they are positioned and when it’s warmer. Some users complain that the dolls can be cold to the touch, especially if they’ve just arrived by courier, by this is quite standard and is the reason why we supply USB vagina warmers with every doll. Some users have received dolls with slight creases caused from the weight of the doll in transport, but these often fade with time.

For extra peace of mind, here at Silicone Sex World we examine every doll that comes our way, to make sure there is no damage or major creases – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Check out the full range of WM Dolls here.

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